Practice Fees and Costs

Tanti Creek General Practice is a privately funded medical facility. Our fees reflect the cost of providing and maintaining a modern medical service to the community. These fees cover our office expenses, property maintenance, insurance, IT systems and support, staff wages, rent and borrowing costs in addition to payment to the doctors for their expertise, responsibility and time. Typically this is about 50% of the fee. A lot of work is also done when patients are not present — reviewing test results, reports and patient files, attending to professional development and managing the business of the practice.

The Australian Government provides a Medicare rebate for patients when they receive a medical service although this amount is not sufficient to cover the full cost of the service. As a result there is a Gap Fee.

Bulkbilling occurs when the doctor accepts the Medicare rebate as the full fee. It is our view that bulkbilling results in doctors spending less time with their patients as they are forced to increase the number of patients they see per hour in order to stay viable. Our practice has a policy of not bulkbilling but working hard to care for our patients. We do this by focusing on the needs of the patient rather than trying to move patients in and out quickly.

Tanti Creek General Practice is not a bulkbilling practice. As an exception, we bulkbill DVA patients and to encourage childhood immunisations, we bulkbill children for standard immunisations.


Your fee will depend on the type of consultation:

  • Standard consultation — up to 20 minutes — $79.00 (ªGap $41.95)
  • Extended consultation — over 20 minutes — $114.00 (ªGap $42.30)
  • Prolonged consultation — over 40 minutes — $150.00 (ªGap $44.45)
  • Surgical procedures — fee varies depending on Medicare item number
  • Travel health vaccines — costs vary depending on current availability from our suppliers. Please speak to our reception team for current costs once you have confirmed your vaccine requirements with your doctor
  • LOWER FEES FOR CHILDREN — standard consult $52.00 (12 years or less) ªGap $14.95
  • Children’s immunisations are BULKBILLED

ª The ‘Gap’ is the amount you pay after receiving the Medicare rebate, that is, the actual cost to you. Payment is required at the time of your visit. Note that if you have previously registered your bank account details with a Medicare office, our receptionist can arrange for your rebate to be directly credited back into your bank account, usually within 24 hours.

If payment is not made on the same day an account fee of $10 is payable.

If other services are required on the same day (spirometry, ECG, etc.), the maximum gap will usually be no more than $58.

Materials, vaccines and medicines provided, and tests not covered by Medicare (e.g. 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and wound dressings) are not included within this amount.

Concession card discount: If you hold a pensioner or health care card, a discount of $10 is provided. This means the gap you pay will usually be between $30-$35.  Special procedures or diagnostic tests are sometimes required and involve additional costs.

LOWER FEES FOR CHILDREN – a standard consult is $52.00 (12 years or less) with a gap of $14.95. Children’s immunisations are BULKBILLED.

Credit card and EFTPOS facilities are available.

Other costs

Vaccines, dressings, sutures, medications and other supplies are not included in the cost of consultations and procedures and are billed separately. These are at a lower cost than can normally be obtained through a pharmacy.

Some vaccines are funded by the Government and are provided at no cost e.g. childhood vaccines.

Workcover and TAC

We do not bill Workcover or TAC direct for medical expenses.

These insurers do not cover the full cost of the service. You are billed directly as for other health problems and will need to seek re-imbursement from your employer, Workcover or TAC. If there is dispute with the insurer, Medicare will provide a rebate.